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Thursday, May 2, 2013 - 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Test Management

Strength in Numbers: Using Web Analytics to Drive Test Requirements

Once a client’s website is built, you’d think it would be time for a well-deserved break. However, almost immediately, questions come up—can we capture a larger audience? close more orders? increase our sales? And so, it’s time to redesign the site—and the test strategy and plans—based on real-world data. Lindiwe Vinson sees web analytics as a tool for guiding your test planning and test case design efforts. By learning the most common user flows through the site—as well as the most commonly used browsers, operating systems, mobile devices, and plug-ins—testers can design better tests and set the right test priorities. Learn the vocabulary of web analytics—like bounce rate, time-on-site, conversion, and more—and the web analytics tools that will transform your testing. Learn how web analytics plays a major role in the creation of Organic Inc.’s test plans for all client engagements and the tools they use every day to make their clients’ websites shine.

Lindiwe Vinson, Organic, Inc.

In QA since 1996 in the automotive, banking, finance, and utilities industries, Lindiwe Vinson is director of technology at digital marketing agency Organic, Inc. Her diverse experience provides a strong working knowledge of emerging platforms and technologies, web analytics, test planning, resourcing and contingency planning, mobile device and mobile application testing, defect reporting, and performance testing. Throughout her career, Lindiwe has had the opportunity to build and lead global teams both internally and offshore for testing purposes.

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