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Wednesday, May 1, 2013 - 1:45pm - 2:45pm
Special Topics

Presenting Test Results with Clarity and Confidence

Test leaders are often asked to present the results of their testing to management—and even to auditors. Can you clearly and confidently explain and summarize your test plans and results? Can you prove that your testing is compliant with internal procedures and regulations? Griffin Jones presents a model for how to prepare and present your test work and demonstrate compliance. He explores how you can appear—and be—congruent, honest, and competent during formal and informal presentations. Griffin describes a process model for developing your presentation, laying out the objective evidence of what you did, ways you can demonstrate control, and how to show your willingness to perform. Then, he reviews the expectations of different stakeholders and identifies common misconceptions and traps to avoid. Don’t allow your anxieties to ruin your next presentation. Learn tips to help you maintain composure during difficult moments and leave with a model to present your testing results with clarity and confidence.

Griffin Jones, Congruent Compliance

An agile tester, trainer, and coach, Griffin Jones provides consulting on context-driven software testing and regulatory compliance to companies in regulated and unregulated industries. Recently, he was the director of quality and regulatory compliance at iCardiac Technologies which provides core lab services for the pharmaceutical industry to evaluate the safety of their potential new drugs.

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