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Wednesday, May 1, 2013 - 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Performance Testing

Performance Testing Web 2.0 Applications—in an Agile World

Agile methodologies bring new complexities and challenges to traditional performance engineering practices, especially with Web 2.0 technologies that implement more and more functionality on the client side. Mohit Verma presents a Scrum-based performance testing lifecycle for Web 2.0 applications. Mohit explains when performance engineers need to participate in the project, discusses how important it is for the performance engineer to understand the technical architecture, and explores the importance of testing early to identify design issues. Find out how to create the non-functional requirements that are critical for building accurate and robust performance test scenarios. Learn how to implement practices for continuous collaboration between test engineers and developers to help identify performance bottlenecks early. Learn about the tools available today to help you address the testing and tuning of your Web 2.0 applications. Leave with a new appreciation and new approaches to ensure that your Web 2.0-based applications are ready for prime time from day one.

Mohit Verma, Tufts Health Plan

At Tufts Health Plan Mohit Verma is the lead software performance architect in charge of performance testing of enterprise applications. The environment at Tufts includes web, mobile, EDI, SOA, legacy, and proprietary applications. Mohit has been working with open source performance and functional test tools for the past fourteen years. He has implemented performance test solutions for numerous complex and high-end projects.

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