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Wednesday, May 1, 2013 - 11:30am - 12:30pm
Agile Testing

Baking In Quality: The Evolving Role of the Agile Tester

While more and more organizations are practicing agile development methodologies,  many have not learned how to “bake in quality” throughout the process. As an agile tester, you are an integral part of the development team—working on requirements, design, implementation, writing automated tests, and testing However, are all team members working together as they should to ensure quality from day one through final delivery? Dena Laterza offers proven tips to help you and your team make the cultural shift to adopt and foster a “quality first” team standard. Gain an understanding of a tester's involvement in test-driven development and behavior-driven development. Take back new ideas on automating tests, working with stakeholders, and becoming a fully informed tester. Learn how to push testing back into development and maximize the value of testers on the team. Take back a plan to get your agile team working together—as a team.

Dena Laterza, Agile Velocity

In software quality for seventeen years and currently a quality coach for Agile Velocity (, Dena Laterza became an agile enthusiast five years ago when the director of development brought in agile coaches. The coaching succeeded—and so did the project! Dena has worked on applications in the medical, lead management, contract management, project management, retail, and video-conferencing domains—with both commercial and open-source test automation tools.

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