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Software Development


TQ How to Actually DO High-volume Automated Testing
Cem Kaner, Florida Institute of Technology
Carol Oliver, Florida Institute of Technology
Tue, 04/30/2013 - 1:00pm

In high volume automated testing (HiVAT), the test tool generates the test, runs it, evaluates the results, and alerts a human to suspicious results that need further investigation. What makes it simple is its oracle—run the program until it crashes or fails in some other extremely obvious way. More powerful HiVAT approaches are more sensitive to more types of errors. They are particularly useful for testing combinations of many variables and for hunting hard-to-replicate bugs that involve timing or corruption of memory or data. Cem Kaner presents a new strategy for teaching HiVAT testing.

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Concurrent Sessions

W17 Performance Testing Web 2.0 Applications—in an Agile World
Mohit Verma, Tufts Health Plan
Wed, 05/01/2013 - 3:00pm

Agile methodologies bring new complexities and challenges to traditional performance engineering practices, especially with Web 2.0 technologies that implement more and more functionality on the client side. Mohit Verma presents a Scrum-based performance testing lifecycle for Web 2.0 applications. Mohit explains when performance engineers need to participate in the project, discusses how important it is for the performance engineer to understand the technical architecture, and explores the importance of testing early to identify design issues.

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T17 Better Security Testing: Using the Cloud and Continuous Delivery
Gene Gotimer, Coveros, Inc.
Thu, 05/02/2013 - 1:30pm

Even though many organizations claim that security is a priority, that claim doesn’t always translate into supporting security initiatives in software development or test. Security code reviews often are overlooked or avoided, and when development schedules fall behind, security testing may be dropped to help the team “catch up.” Everyone wants more secure development; they just don’t want to spend time or money to get it. Gene Gotimer describes his experiences with implementing a continuous delivery process in the cloud and how he integrated security testing into that process.

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