STARCANADA - Conference Speaker: Noha Gomaa

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Noha Gomaa

Senior QA Manager
Aldo Group

Noha currently serves as senior manager of software quality assurance for the ALDO Group. She runs a cross-functional QA department for different testing teams and various initiatives, including SAP ERP implementations, digital transformations, and e-commerce projects spanning multiple channels and solutions platforms, all of which are powered by Hybris technology. Noha has fourteen years of IT experience in the financial, retail, telecom, cloud computing, marketing, and software sectors. Her work focuses on agile transformation, quality management, and software testing. She is also a quality fanatic and has been involved in a number of innovative initiatives, including the development and relaunch of ALDO Group’s e-commerce websites and award-winning mobile apps. She also successfully introduced agile processes to software development teams and has helped a number of companies implement testing in different lifecycle models for major infrastructure transformations and projects dealing with specific and custom products. When not working, she enjoys practicing yoga, hiking, and photography.