STARCANADA 2019 Concurrent Session : Taming Your Dragon: From No QA to Fully Integrated QA

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Wednesday, October 23, 2019 - 11:30am to 12:30pm

Taming Your Dragon: From No QA to Fully Integrated QA

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Many companies struggle with their QA processes and think of them as bottlenecks to their releases. Join Priyanka on her journey of transforming QA and improving its reputation and reliability. Transforming QA has required Priyanka to take deep dives into some of the technical challenges organizations face when a company tries to integrate an automation-focused QA team. She talks about 3 stages of QA adoption: Strategies on smart learnings from failure, pre-planning for success, and key action points for successful implementations (POC, tools, team structure). Priyanka also reviews how she created transparent and effective processes in QA that helped in gaining trust from other teams such as product, engineering including senior management team on QA. Attendees of this session takeaway leadership strategies for integrating a new QA team with Visual Validation and Selenium, quality coverage on multiple platforms and devices, managing POC's for automation tools, coaching teams to stabilize visual automated tests and scaling teams horizontally with automated visual testing.

Priyanka Holder

Priyanka Halder has more than 12 years of experience in Quality Assurance working in startups like GoodRx Inc, Heal, and Homeme Inc and big enterprize companies like Sony, Dell, and Accenture. She currently heads the Quality Engineering team in Goodrx which serves more than 8 million Americans monthly as their number one price transparency platform for their prescription drugs. Growing up in India, Priyanka sees herself today as a Californian and is building her career implementing QA teams to use technologies like visual validation, test stabilization pipelines, and CI/CD for each code deployment. She loves to tackle the QA technical challenges with the help of modern open source technologies. She won “world bug battle championship 2014” and was also a recent speaker in Test Leadership Congress, Test Automation Summits, Wonder Women in Tech conference and various meet up/webinars. In her spare time, Priyanka loves to travel, try out new foods and spend time with her super active 3-year-old daughter. You can find Priyanka on twitter @pri_tech_mom.