STARCANADA 2019 Concurrent Session : How to Ensure That Requirements Are Testable

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Thursday, October 24, 2019 - 11:30am to 12:30pm

How to Ensure That Requirements Are Testable

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Everything starts with a requirement—a singular, documented need that a particular design, product, or process aims to satisfy. No other part of our work paralyzes the resulting system if it is done wrong, and no other part is more difficult to repair later. And yet we devote so little attention to requirements. By teaching people who create requirements, Arnika Hryszko learned a lot about their ways of working. She will share those lessons so that you will be able to improve your teams and projects by establishing detailed technical requirements. Discover practical ways to plan and prepare for the work, to communicate with testers and analysts about what needs to be done, and to create requirements that are understandable to everyone.

Arnika Hryszko
Polish Testing Board

Arnika is a software tester with a computer science diploma (MSc Eng) and over ten years' experience in the area of quality assurance as a trainer and coach. She was named Exploratory Tester of the Year in the Testing Heroes 2018 contest. During her career, she has gained wide experience from manual testing, web services, advanced automation, and using machine learning in testing. Arnika is the coauthor of publications and presentations concerning quality assurance in computer science. She is also a well-known conference speaker, presenting on over twenty scientific and professional conferences, including Testwarez in Poland and STF in Milan.