STARCANADA 2017 Women Who Test Session - Create the Life You Want: How Asking the Right Questions Will Open Doors to Your Future | TechWell

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Friday, October 20, 2017 - 1:30pm to 2:30pm

Create the Life You Want: How Asking the Right Questions Will Open Doors to Your Future

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The definition of a realist is someone who makes decisions based on past data. The definition of genius is someone who creates the future. In a world of data analytics and visualizations, the world (at least in my world of Business Intelligence) seems obsessed with measuring three things: what happened, what is happening and trying to predict what could happen next. What if instead we asked the question, "What do we want to have happen here and in doing that created our desired future?" Through the creative practices of journaling, art, movement and stillness, we can open a door to knowledge that comes from our deepest knowing in order to transform our jobs, our companies, our lives and our world. All this while having fun and bringing happiness into our world! You will leave this talk with a toolset that will allow you to create the space where you stand (or sit) so that you can create the future you most desire.

InfoSol, Inc.

Yolande Grill is a dynamic and passionate visionary who is a champion of company culture and transformation. With over 30 years of experience and excellence working in the information technology and computer industry beginning her career as a systems analyst and software developer, later as an entrepreneur, and currently as the COO of InfoSol Inc. Internally, Yolande is known as the Chief Transformation Officer. Yolande can inspire, connect and communicate with people at all levels of the organization. She is an accomplished speaker, facilitator, consensus builder, and a catalyst for change. Yolande is committed to "measuring what counts" and is a practitioner of mindfulness, kindness, and peace.