STARCANADA 2017 Concurrent Session : Getting a Grip on Cognitive Adaptive Testing

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Thursday, October 19, 2017 - 11:30am to 12:30pm

Getting a Grip on Cognitive Adaptive Testing

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Cognitive Adaptive Testing means harnessing the power of analytics and autonomics in support of continuous delivery. The emergence of cognitive adaptive testing is driven by trends towards omni-channel content delivery, utilization of big data and an improved customer experience. Digital business systems need to be extremely responsive to customer sentiment, work across a variety of devices, be resilient in the face of unpredictable failure modes, and process huge amounts of unstructured data. Such scenarios put extreme pressure on IT systems and processes to be not only more responsive, but adaptive, to meet digital business needs. So how do we respond from a QA perspective? Can our traditional testing techniques meet the needs of our businesses going forward? Join Julie Gardiner as she discusses the modern Software Factory and how we can adapt to this newer world. Julie shares approaches and to use when transitioning from people, process and technology perspectives. She shows how analytics and autonomic technologies can be leveraged to power the next generation of continuous adaptive testing implementations, and how they can support the needs of digital businesses.

CA Technologies

Julie Gardiner is a pragmatic, practical, and people-driven leader, specializing in testing, agile, and quality. An enthusiastic and passionate speaker, her presentations worldwide come from real-world experiences in her more than twenty-five years in the industry. As product management director at CA Technologies, Julie is able to influence software quality in tools and products that are meaningful to the testing domain. Previously Julie was head of testing and implementation for a well-known UK bank, and director of digital engineering and TQA for a consulting company.