STARCANADA 2017 Concurrent Session : Combine Automation and Exploratory Testing for Quality Coverage

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Combine Automation and Exploratory Testing for Quality Coverage

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With the pressure of decreased time to market and the demand for error-free web applications, some people erroneously believe that test automation can solve all our defect woes. Dawn Jardine believes that neither test automation nor exploratory testing alone can solve quality issues. So, what is the best approach? Where do we invest our resources, time, and money so clients are happy with our product? How can automation and exploratory testing work together to obtain maximum test coverage? Join Dawn as she shares her experience of moving from a solely manual test case execution process to a combined automation and exploratory testing methodology. She shows how to apply critical thinking to automation and use creative energy during exploratory testing. Discover ways to modify your current test strategy in order to enable the QA team to deliver quality with confidence.
Independent QA Consultant

An Independent QA Consultant in Toronto, Dawn Jardine has worked in several roles in her career. After years in the teaching profession, Dawn changed direction and entered the software field as a front-end web developer for an eLearning software company. Dawn expanded her skills and expertise to include instructional design, eventually joining the QA testing team. With more than fifteen years of experience, she has participated in the launch of several eLearning and eCommerce projects, including Canadian Police Knowledge Network, Canadian Tire Corporation, Walmart Canada, and American Express Membership Rewards. Passionate about quality process and women in technology, Dawn can be found on Twitter @dawnjardine.