STARCANADA 2017 Bonus Session : Robotics vs. Headcount - Stretching your testing Dollar and Improving quality

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017 - 6:15pm to 7:15pm

Robotics vs. Headcount - Stretching your testing Dollar and Improving quality

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Ideabytes Inc.

In a market place where product life cycles are decreasing to as little as 3 months, how does one test to meet the market window, maintain quality, and minimize cost? Outsourcing head-count that utilizes elbow-grease just won’t cut it. In this session experience the power of robotic automation where test scripts are the product of a high-level system definition. Review case studies where Robotic automation has yielded high quality products in a time constrained development cycle. Robotic automation is capable of generating fully documented Test suites – a luxury that is unaffordable using manual methods. This documentation of IPR has 2 big values, first for the valuation of a business and the other to handle staff attrition. The documentation becomes invaluable to ramping up new staff in short order.

George Kongalath
Ideabytes Inc.

George Kongalath is passionate about achieving efficiency, with over 25 patent applications and 25 years of field experience, he is always on the look-out for the next step in technology. Having extensive expertise in real time systems, and having worked for a decade in the telecommunications industry, he laid the ground work to use the cloud to dynamically book and use resources globally, reducing the cost of systems by over 60%. He also pioneered methods to ensure handsets delivered to mobile networks would function as per specification without having to spend the million+ on integration testing on a customized operator network. In 2009, George co-founded Ideabytes Inc. in conjunction with similar minded partners to provide cost solutions of at least 30% over traditional ways of working.