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Thursday, October 27, 2016 - 2:45pm to 3:45pm

The Future of Applications and Application Testing

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“Software is eating the world,” and as a result, companies are building novel applications to support their business and products. This is the main drive behind the microservices trend where a product's architecture is comprised of many independent applications, both new and legacy. Testing and deploying any microservices architecture require high levels of coordination between components. A significant part of this approach is keeping interfaces compatible with other parts of the infrastructure, which means that collaboration and automation are critical. Dwayne Forde shares what he and his team have learned through the years when handling late-breaking changes, dealing with deprecations, and coordinating efforts to help mitigate risk to the delivery process. Join Dwayne as he presents a real-life use case and discusses the continuous integration pipeline used to test a platform as a service, which spans multiple teams, countries, languages, and architectures. Learn techniques which allow you to perform seamless unit tests, acceptance tests, integration tests, and simulation tests across a complicated matrix of dependencies—and how to pull it all together into a single solution.

Dwayne Forde

A director of engineering and leader of a Cloud Foundry team at Pivotal Toronto, Dwayne Forde is responsible for the technical success, hiring, evangelism, and communication with other offices. His background is in full stack development including the front-end (Javascript, HTML, CSS), backend (Ruby on Rails, Java), and mobile (iOS, Android, WebOS, Blackberry) as well as architectural design on bare metal and IAASs. Previously at Pivotal, Dwayne led software development specializing in mobile strategy. He has worked in the automotive, entertainment, telecom, and sports industries to deploy solutions in a highly interactive and compelling manner. Dwayne has presented at events including TEDx Silicon North and been featured in major publications.