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Kirk Lee

Kirk Lee

A QA professional for nearly twenty-five years, Kirk Lee has worked as a QA manager in the United States and overseas at several of the world's largest and most respected software companies. Kirk has worked on consumer software products and SaaS offerings. Currently he is a senior QA manager at Infusionsoft in Chandler, Arizona, where he leads a test department that operates in an agile/scrum development environment. As a certified ScrumMaster, Kirk is dedicated to agile principles and Scrum practices. He is especially passionate about defect prevention and getting QA involved at the very beginning of the development process.

Speaker Presentations
Thursday, June 25, 2015 - 1:30pm
Test Techniques
The Power of Pair Testing

Perhaps you have heard of pair testing but are unaware of its tremendous benefits. Maybe you have tried pair testing in the past but were dissatisfied with the result. When done correctly, pair testing significantly increases quality, decreases overhead, and improves the relationship between testers and developers. Join Kirk Lee as he shares the essential points of this powerful technique that moves testing upstream and prevents defects from being committed to the codebase. Kirk explores how pair testing facilitates discussion, increases test effectiveness, promotes partnership, and provides cross training. Learn why testers and developers say they love pair testing. Kirk describes key tips to ensure success, including the amount of time required for the pair-testing session, the best way to run the session, and how to know when the session is complete. He provides specific steps to take before, during, and after the pair-testing session to make it even more effective.