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Jane Fraser

Jane Fraser
Anki, Inc.

As test director at Anki, Inc., Jane Fraser has managed test groups from 120 to 1 (herself). Her focus is developing testers into key members of the organization with real influence on the product and process. Jane has spent the past twenty years on projects including publishing programs, web/e-commerce, games, Big Data, mobile, e-ticketing, and robotics. Currently at Anki she is building a team that tests Anki DRIVE, which is battle racing for the real world. It ranked #2 in TIME magazine’s Top Ten Toys for 2014. Jane loves to “play” with hi-tech toys for a living. Learn more about Jane at LinkedIn.

Speaker Presentations
Thursday, June 25, 2015 - 11:30am
Special Topics
Become an Influential Tester: Learn How to Be Heard

As a tester, are you frustrated that no one listens to you? Are you finding bugs and having them ignored? Are you worried that the development process and product quality aren’t as good as they should be? Jane Fraser shares ways to help you be heard―ways to position yourself as a leader within your organization, ways to increase your influence, and ways to report bugs to get them fixed. In this interactive session, Jane leads you to a better understanding of how to be heard in your organization. Learn how to tailor your defect reports depending on who makes the decisions and their area of focus—customer, budget, or design. These details help you determine how to position your defect for action. Through real life examples, Jane shows you how to become a more influential tester.