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Concurrent Sessions

W8 Usability Testing Goes Mobile
Susan Brockley, ExxonMobil
Wed, 06/24/2015 - 11:30am

The introduction of mobile devices and applications presents new challenges to traditional usability testing practices. Identifying the differences between usability testing techniques for traditional desktop applications and mobile applications is critical to ensuring their acceptance and use. New equipment requirements for usability testing of mobile applications add to transition issues. Join Susan Brockley to discover ways to transition your traditional usability testing program into the mobile environment. Review usability testing fundamentals and then explore additional dimensions—context, affordance, and accessibility—of mobile usability testing. Learn how user expectations influence and change our approach to usability and how new factors such as power, connectivity, and protective covers impact the overall user experience. Get advice from Susan on how to plan and conduct field tests that are representative of your target audience. Finally, assess your organization’s usability maturity and take back positive steps to make your transition into the mobile usability testing field successful.

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W10 Inside the Mind of the 21st Century Customer
Alan Page, Microsoft
Wed, 06/24/2015 - 1:30pm

Testers frequently say that they are the voice of the customer or the customer advocate for their organization’s products. In some situations this can be a helpful mindset, but no matter how hard he tries, a software tester is not the customer. In fact, there is no one better suited to evaluate customer experience than the actual customer of your software. However, getting actionable feedback from customers can be time-consuming, difficult, and often too late to have any meaningful impact on the product. Alan Page shares his thoughts and a number of examples of how to get customer feedback quickly, how to make that feedback actionable, and how to use customer data to drive better software development and testing on any team—and for any product. In this fast-paced session of information and fun, Alan discusses product instrumentation, analysis techniques, reporting, A/B testing, and many other facets of customer feedback.

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