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T4 Root Cause Analysis for Testers
Jan van Moll, Philips Healthcare
Thu, 06/25/2015 - 10:15am

Bad product quality can haunt companies long after the product’s release. And root cause analysis (RCA) of product failures is an indispensable step in preventing its recurrence. Unfortunately, the testing industry struggles with doing proper RCA. Moreover, companies often fail to unlock the full potential of RCA by not including testers in the process. Failing to recognize the real value testers bring to RCA is a process failure. Another failure is not recognizing how extremely valuable RCA results are for devising enhanced test strategies. Using real-life—and often embarrassing—examples, Jan van Moll illustrates the added value that testers bring and discusses the pitfalls of RCA. Jan challenges testers and managers to analyze and rethink their own RCA practices. Learn how to increase your value as a professional tester to your business by performing powerful RCA—and avoiding its pitfalls.

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