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Ray Arell


As director of Intel Emergent Systems and Coaching, Ray Arell is a transformative leader in the adoption of agile, lean, and complex system methods inside Intel. Ray’s group is currently coaching a community of practice of more than ten-thousand people who are moving to a continuous value delivery culture. Prior to this role, he spent several decades as both an engineer and engineering manager of teams focused on CPU, chipset, graphics, wireless, and software development. Ray is a popular speaker at events worldwide and coauthor of Change-Based Test Management: Improving the Software Validation Process.

Speaker Presentations
Wednesday, April 9, 2014 - 8:30am
The Art of Complex System Testing

It’s one week after your product’s launch, and everyone is happy. After all, for the first time in years, your product development exceeded expectations. Coding was completed on time with very few defects. Suddenly, the report of a major usability and security flaw destroys the euphoria and sends everything into chaos. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon in our industry. So, how can we mitigate such things from happening? As he shares stories about the complex domain of product delivery, Ray Arell introduces a framework with associated emergent practices that enable you to better guide your product to success. He presents an overview of the Cynefin model, a description of complicated and complex systems, and discusses how to use it to establish an effective testing strategy. Ray describes how to identify key patterns of product usage to establish a robust defect-prevention system that reduces product development costs. Lastly, Ray describes how to interview customers to identify key quality expectations, ensuring that your testing focuses on producing the highest value for your customers.