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Tuesday, April 8, 2014 - 12:45pm - 1:45pm
Test Techniques

CAN I USE THIS?—A Mnemonic for Usability Testing NEW

Often, usability testing does not receive the attention it deserves. A common argument is that usability issues are merely “training issues” and can be dealt with through the product's training or user manuals. If your product is only for internal staff use, this may be a valid response. However, the market now demands easy-to-use products—whether your users are internal or external. David Greenlees shares a tool he has developed to generate test ideas for usability testing. His mnemonic—CAN I USE THIS?—provides a solid starting point for testing any product. C for Comparable Product, A for Accessibility, N for Navigation … David shares how he has used this mnemonic on past projects while the training argument took place around him, and how they realized product improvements and greater user acceptance. Learn how you can quickly and effectively use this mnemonic on any project so you can give usability testing the attention it deserves.

David Greenlees, Innodev Pty Ltd

David Greenlees has been testing software for more than ten years, many spent in one of Australia's largest government departments. More recently David has undertaken a consultant role in multiple organizations. A vocal and valued member of the context-driven testing community, he is extremely passionate about the betterment of the software testing craft. David has published several articles and blogs regularly at Martial Tester and Hello Test World.

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