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Thursday, April 11, 2013 - 12:45pm - 1:45pm
Test Techniques

Using Mindmaps to Develop a Test Strategy

Your test strategy is the design behind your plan—the set of big-picture ideas that embodies the overarching direction of your test effort. It captures the stakeholders’ values that will inspire, influence, and ultimately drive your testing. It guides your overall decisions about the ways and means of delivering on those values. The weighty test strategy template mandated in many organizations is not conducive to thinking through the important elements of a test strategy and then communicating its essentials to your stakeholders. A lightweight medium like a mindmap is far more flexible and direct. In this interactive session Fiona Charles works with you to develop your own strategic ideas in a mindmap, exploring along the way what really matters in a test strategy and how best to capture it using a mindmap. Fiona shares tips on how to use your mindmap to engage your stakeholders’ interest, understanding, and buy-in to your strategy.

Fiona Charles, Quality Intelligence

Fiona Charles teaches project skills “beyond process”—hands-on practical skills essential to excelling and thriving on any kind of software project. An expert test consultant and manager, Fiona has been in the thick of it through more than thirty years of challenging projects across the business spectrum on both sides of the Atlantic. Throughout her career, she has advocated, designed, implemented, and taught pragmatic and humane practices to deliver software worth using.

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