SM/ASM 2000
The Leading Software Management and Measurement Event

The side-by-side delivery of these two powerful conferences covers the breadth of software management along with the vital measurement activities to assess and improve results. Both conferences feature real-world coverage of the management and measurement experiences of leading software organizations, combined with practical insight from international experts.

SM 2000: Software Management Conference

People, Processes and Products

SM 2000 brings together all the management components that drive successful software development, delivery, and support. It delivers concrete management techniques and practices for each area of software management - from project and team management to quality and configuration management. Located with the ASM 2000 conference, managers not only learn where to make improvements, but also where to start and how to track progress along the way.

SM 2000 Details

SM 2000 Covers the Management Topics that Make Software Work

  • Project Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Team Management
  • Risk Management
  • Quality Management
  • Asset Management
  • Requirements Management
  • Application Development Management

Who Should Attend SM

Software managers from every aspect of the development process will have something to gain from SM 2000.

ASM 2000: Applications of Software Measurement Conference

Over the past few years, the ASM software measurement conference has become the world's leading software metrics event. The conference consistently draws hundreds of participants to explore how accurate metrics can improve the development process and project success, ultimately contributing to the bottom line.

A Measurement Conference with Impact

Featuring the real-world metrics experiences of leading software organizations, ASM 2000 covers the measurement techniques that help create successful projects. Gain insight on function point analysis, orthogonal defect classification, quantitative techniques, and more. Learn from software professionals who have successfully used metrics to improve their projects and productivity. Network with the best and brightest in the field.

ASM 2000 Details

ASM 2000 Covers Real-World Metrics

  • How to start an effective measurement program
  • How to get the most out of existing measurement practices
  • Techniques for quality control, risk assessment, and project management
  • Insight into the SEI Capability Maturity Model, Function Points analysis, and more

Who Should Attend ASM

  • Project managers, development managers, and CIOs needing to increase quantitative control
  • Software engineers and developers seeking objective data about their projects and organization
  • Experienced metrics specialists and systems analysts keeping abreast of the newest and latest advances
All participants may attend sessions from both conferences.
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