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Friday, April 28, 2017 - 1:00pm to 1:45pm

Ensuring the Happy Path: Automated Developer Testing for Mobile Apps

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Is there anything worse than trying to fix that one small bug, declaring it fixed, and then realizing “the fix” caused another bug somewhere else in your app? And there it is, one more bug and you are at it again. The small voice in your head says if only you had automated tests. We know we should invest more in testing because it can save us headaches down the road. Josiah Mory says that although getting started can be an uphill climb, automated testing does not have to be all or nothing. Josiah introduces approaches for automating developer tests along with test-driven development and behavior-driven development methodologies. Even though Josiah shows real examples using Swift and iOS code implementations, the concepts he discusses apply to any software. Leave this session with an understanding of the benefits we get from testing, conversation points to advocate testing to co-workers and management, and practical ways of implementing automation and unit tests. 


Josiah Mory

After ten years of touring and gigging in the music industry, Josiah Mory left behind his bass guitar and transitioned into the world of software development. Josiah started working with Ruby on Rails, transitioned to Node, and (an Apple fan for a long time) is now loving working with Swift. A believer in creating community and embracing the programming community, Josiah co-hosts a podcast on Node, enjoys speaking at meetups and conferences, and helping new developers overcome problems as their programming careers begin. Josiah and his wife, Sarah, live in Alta Loma, California. When not coding, he may be playing his favorite iOS game of the moment.