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Jim McKeeth

Embarcadero Technologies

As lead developer evangelist at Embarcadero Technologies, Jim McKeeth is a key part of Embarcadero’s developer community outreach. With more than twenty years of programming experience, Jim travels the world speaking at conferences and sharing his excitement and knowledge. He holds a patent for the swipe to unlock and pattern unlocks used on both iPhone and Android phones, plus a number of other computer- and software-related patents. When not traveling, Jim is an improvisational performer with ComedySportz Boise and enjoys spending time with his family.

Speaker Presentations
Thursday, April 16, 2015 - 9:45am
Thought: The Future of Mobile and Embedded Application Input

Control of complex machines by human thought has been a mainstay of science fiction writing and films for years. In the movie Firefox, Clint Eastwood steals a highly advanced Russian fighter jet that is controlled by the pilot’s thoughts. But real devices are now appearing that purport to use our brainwaves as input. Is this technology a reality today? If not, how far away is it? What sort of thought input is possible and where could it be used? Jim McKeeth examines the roots of the technologies that allow a view of—and the possibilities for direct input from—the human mind and the augmentation of the mind, perception, and thought processes. Jim shares these processes which include real-world examples and a demonstration with volunteers controlling software and hardware using only their thoughts and feelings. Come see how this still-evolving and little-known technology works today, learn how it can be used in some applications, and explore its longer-term implications.

Thursday, April 16, 2015 - 2:00pm
Wearables / Smart Technology
The Internet of Things and You

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)? What are the technologies that make it happen? Where do we see it today? Where will we see it tomorrow? What capabilities will it provide, and what do we need to know to take part in it? Jim McKeeth considers where IoT is taking us and discusses the hurdles we face today and in the future. With a focus on applications, Jim offers examples of IoT technology from the perspective of developers. Join Jim to learn about cross-platform development, cloud synchronization, app-to-app communication, Bluetooth, WiFi, security concerns, privacy issues, and more. Look at specific IoT devices now available that are changing the landscape for businesses and the consumer. Is the Internet of Things the dawn of a new age or just another way for “Big Brother” to watch our every move? Come find the answers to this and other thought-provoking questions.