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Jason Snook

CapTech Consulting

Jason Snook, director of customer experience at CapTech Consulting, has more than fourteen years of experience helping companies design systems that are easier to use and more effective for customers and employees. A self-described “quant” with a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction from Virginia Tech, Jason believes that superior digital experiences hinge on solid research and data.

Speaker Presentations
Wednesday, April 15, 2015 - 11:00am
Wearables / Smart Technology
Wearing UX—When Our Clothes Become the Interface

With the interest in wearable technology exploding, UX practitioners and development teams need to focus on creating experiences that intuitively fit the rhythm and ecosystem of a user’s daily life. Unfortunately, much like what happened early on with mobile design, wearable UX designers seem to have unlearned many of the best practices and heuristics they employ on, for example, desktop design. Starting with a historical perspective on technology adoption and an assessment of where we are today, Jason Snook discusses challenges designers face with the varied interfaces and interactions associated with wearables. Join this session to explore key UX considerations, including interaction design, adoption theory, and the social aspects and stigmas that are important to realizing the full potential of wearable experiences.