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Jaimee Newberry

Independent Consultant

Independent consultant Jaimee Newberry provides executive and personal coaching, and shares lessons in empathy, communication, experience design, and technology worldwide. Jaimee moved to GUI design and information architecture in the web start-up days; taught management information systems, graphic design, and interface design at UNLV; partnered in Eatdrink, a boutique animation/interactive shop; and led the efforts behind Zappos’ first iPad, iPhone, and Android apps. As Black Pixel’s director of user experience she worked on top secret iOS projects for Fortune 100 companies and promising startups.

Speaker Presentations
Tuesday, April 14, 2015 - 8:30am
Half-day Tutorials
Mobile App Project Kick Off: Get It Right the First Time

The critical steps that need to happen before coding starts are all-too-often brushed over or skipped entirely. Join Jaimee Newberry as she discusses how to identify and gain buy-in and involvement from all the right stakeholders. Because user experience (UX) will make or break every new app, you have to get it right the first time. Jaimee explores brand/product voice and personality questions that help teams quickly map out the direction that affects everything—product experience, visual design, and timing of animations and transitions. Learn how to write copy and where to position it—from alerts to error messages and beyond. Jaimee demonstrates ways to identify your target users; empathize with their wants and needs; create user personas; and map out the most important UX scenarios. Jaimee addresses feature prioritization and discusses the secrets of great team communication. Walk away prepared to kick off a new product or evaluate your current project’s trajectory to ensure development is on the right track.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 - 1:00pm
Half-day Tutorials
Super Rad Brainstorming

Ever had a brainstorming session that failed to produce the quality results you’d hoped for? Think you already have good brainstorming sessions but know there’s room for improvement? Facilitating Super Rad Brainstorming sessions for eons now, Jaimee Newberry is an industry leader in improving brainstorming skills and surfacing incredible ideas. Work together as Jaimee facilitates a real time, hands-on brainstorming session that highlights tips and tricks for making your own brainstorming sessions more productive. Participants will collectively decide which challenge to tackle and brainstorm together. Learn what supplies to bring, how to prepare for a session, and how to handle common sticking points that prevent many brainstorming sessions from being productive. Take away tips and practices you can use immediately back at the office.​ With time for sharing your own tips, tricks, and methods, this is an excellent platform for learning, collaborating—and having a lot of fun.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015 - 4:00pm
Designing for Engagement

Do the products you’re creating engage users on an emotional level? Do you deliberately design in the personality and tone of your product? Are you thinking comprehensively about every touchpoint your product has with a user? Jaimee Newberry has been helping Fortune 500 companies and startups with their digital products for more than seventeen years. Through years of refinement, Jaimee knows how to create products that engage and empathize with users. Her abilities evoke client responses such as “You’ve earned our trust,” “You understand who we are,” and “Thank you. We love you!” Jaimee shares key considerations when creating winning mobile products—whether concept, startup, corporation, or enterprise apps—that connect emotionally with users and make them want to come back. Jaimee explores her proven app design and personality thinking, on-boarding dos and don’ts, and copywriting tips to help you develop and deliver products that are more fun, emotionally engage your users, and delight the business.