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Wednesday, April 15, 2015 - 11:00am - 11:45am
Mobile Development

Mastering Android Development Tools

There are so many tools and tricks for developing Android apps, but which ones actually help when you're building apps day in and day out? Luke Wallace introduces the critical development tools you need and demonstrates how to use them to build real apps. Learn about the six critical tools every developer must have, find out about the key techniques that will help you build masterful Android apps, and discover at least one weird trick to speed up your app development. Luke unearths third party libraries that you may not know about and shows you a simple, powerful guide to continuous integration. Discover new ways to connect with other Android developers in the industry and join this growing community. Explore the future of Android Studio and Eclipse and new tools coming from Google that will make your apps faster, more reliable, more beautiful, and easier to maintain.

Luke Wallace, Bottle Rocket

Luke Wallace leads all Android development at Bottle Rocket. Luke wrote several of the first Android apps for Bottle Rocket and continues to oversee every project to maintain quality and push the bounds of what’s possible. A strong proponent of the Android platform, he is an invaluable resource for getting the Android perspective on news and trends within the industry. With his technical knowledge and humor, Luke loves educating people about Android.

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