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Wednesday, April 15, 2015 - 10:00am - 10:45am
Wearables / Smart Technology

Embed Yourself in Our Wearable Future

It could be on your wrist or your ankle. It may be embedded in your jacket, your shoe, your vest, or your hat. It may eventually be under your skin. It may help you walk or talk; find your way; or communicate with a friend, with your doctor, or your coach. It monitors your heart rate, the moisture on your skin, every breath you take, and every move you make. And it’s connected. And networked. Wearable devices are here to stay and are projected to be a $30 billion market by 2018. Designing and developing applications for wearable technologies require a special mindset and understanding of the needs of users on the go. Simply porting an app from mobile to wearable is not enough. Join Noble Ackerson to embed yourself in the world of wearables—the philosophy behind them, their challenges, and opportunities—from heads up displays like Google Glass, to the Android Wear smart watches, and many others that will come along. Drop in to explore where this emergent technology is taking us.

Noble Ackerson, Byte an Atom Research

Noble Ackerson is co-founder and CEO at Byte an Atom Research. This research and development company is based in Virginia and focuses on big data and health fitness software called LynxFit for wearable computers like Google Glass and Android Wear. LynxFit enables exercise content creators and owners to publish on wearable electronics. Noble is recognized as a thought leader and an award-winning influencer in the wearable technology space.

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