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Wednesday, April 15, 2015 - 11:00am - 11:45am
Mobile Testing

Continuous Mobile Testing for Critical Business Apps

Mobile testing presents a daunting challenge to software development shops and testers. QA/test teams must design test plans to account for multiple platforms, an enormous and ever-increasing number of devices, and frequent OS updates that often introduce dramatic changes. To add complexity, the increasingly consumer-centric demands of the field require new features and fixes—almost daily. Although test automation is often cited as the best—if not the only—possible solution for mobile, it has presented some big challenges. Tasked with compressing the testing process for FIS Mobile, the leading mobile financial transaction platform, Steven Winter and his team revamped their approach to quality by implementing precision mobile test automation, continuous integration, and on-site mobile labs. This discussion will overview how the team reduced potentially months of manual mobile testing to an overnight automation task. The objective of the discussion is to take back new ideas to identify the core requirements of continuous mobile testing and overcome hurdles to mobile quality.

Steven Winter, FIS Mobile

Steven Winter loves building teams that break big things! As the director of quality for FIS Mobile, Steven is responsible for the complete quality ecosystem for America’s leading provider of mobile financial services and the innovative power behind the Starbucks Card Mobile. With nineteen years of experience in quality, Steven has tested through a wide array of technologies from web, firmware, hardware, cameras, phones, desktop, data—and everything in between.

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