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Thursday, April 16, 2015 - 3:15pm - 4:00pm
Mobile Development

Architect a Winning Mobile Application

Building mobile apps in today’s highly dynamic environment comes with great uncertainty and risk. It’s imperative to make the right design choices early on. Poor architectural decisions can make or break an app. In this technical session, Shadi Saifan focuses on the architecture and design considerations critical for building a winning mobile application—regardless of the device, operating system, or language. Shadi compares and contrasts the fundamental technology choice of developing mobile browser-based apps, developing native apps, or employing cross-platform tools and hybrid frameworks. Then, he goes into depth on the most critical mobile architectural issues with a focus on performance, data access, security, and connectivity. Shadi discusses considerations for designing applications that are easy to maintain and upgrade—design factors that are often brushed over. Leave with a new understanding of the up-front mobile development decisions required for success in today’s environment.

Shadi Saifan, FIS Mobile

Director of engineering at FIS Mobile, Shadi Saifan is leading solution strategy and solution engineering and QA for all FIS Mobile client initiatives. Shadi is a professional technology leader with fifteen years of experience in delivering distributed, mobile, and enterprise solutions—with a focus on architecture, design, and development.

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