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IoT Internet of Things

Concurrent Sessions

W9 Using Apps to Help Users Experience Wearables and IoT Devices
Chris Beauchamp, Crittercism
Wed, 04/15/2015 - 1:00pm

Wearables and other Internet of Things (IoT) devices are optimized for gathering data about a user and their environment. According to Cisco, this emerging industry will produce and deliver over 20 billion devices worldwide by 2020. Join Chris Beauchamp to learn about how to leverage mobile apps to develop a compelling user experience with one or several connected wearable or IoT devices. He’ll discuss the options for transmitting data from and to devices and how to ensure these connections are happening in real time once the app is live. Explore the options for displaying data on mobile apps with clear and understandable visual elements. Chris shows several use cases to highlight the patterns and anti-patterns on how to provide a great mobile experience across different devices. After all, in the end it’s up to developers to create a complete experience for users and do something interesting with these devices and their data.

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T1 Today and Tomorrow: Mobile's Impact on Development and Testing
James Montemagno, Xamarin
Thu, 04/16/2015 - 11:00am

There are more than 1.4 billion smartphones in the world—one for every 4.5 people on earth. Over the next decade wearables and the Internet of Things (IoT) will make those numbers look puny. In fact, mobile is transforming how people and things connect and dramatically changing software development, as we know it. With more than 189 million apps downloaded daily from app stores and new IoT devices being released daily to the public, developers and testers are already behind the curve. James Montemagno takes a look at the problems and challenges we face today and what we can look forward to in the future. Explore how the ever-growing number of devices and connections will force companies to produce efficient mobile-first products to move ahead in the market. Take back ideas and action items to start tackling the immense fragmentation of devices in the marketplace and identify the steps necessary to transform your development/test teams, environment, and processes to survive and prosper in this brave new world.

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T9 The Internet of Things and You
Jim McKeeth, Embarcadero Technologies
Thu, 04/16/2015 - 2:00pm

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)? What are the technologies that make it happen? Where do we see it today? Where will we see it tomorrow? What capabilities will it provide, and what do we need to know to take part in it? Jim McKeeth considers where IoT is taking us and discusses the hurdles we face today and in the future. With a focus on applications, Jim offers examples of IoT technology from the perspective of developers. Join Jim to learn about cross-platform development, cloud synchronization, app-to-app communication, Bluetooth, WiFi, security concerns, privacy issues, and more. Look at specific IoT devices now available that are changing the landscape for businesses and the consumer. Is the Internet of Things the dawn of a new age or just another way for “Big Brother” to watch our every move? Come find the answers to this and other thought-provoking questions.

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T12 Software Attacks for Embedded, Mobile, and Internet of Things
Jon Hagar, Independent Consultant
Thu, 04/16/2015 - 3:15pm

In the world of embedded systems, mission-critical mobile apps, and the Internet of Things (IoT), developers and testers must do more than just look for feature bugs. To find potential failures and serious security errors, their arsenal should include attack-based exploratory testing. In the tradition of James Whittaker’s How to Break Software books, Jon Hagar applies the “attack” concept to embedded, mobile, and IoT software. Jon examines common industry patterns of product failures and shares a set of his favorite software test attacks for native, web-based, and hybrid apps. He explains when and how to conduct the attacks, including the pros and cons of some attacks. Take back an arsenal of at least three basic tester attacks, three developer attacks, and three security attacks that you can employ on your current or next project.

This session is based on Jon’s book Software Test Attacks to Break Mobile and Embedded Devices.

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