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Mobile Innovation & Leadership Summit—April 17, 2015

Leadership On the Technical Edge
Thursday, April 16 (evening) and Friday, April 17 (all day)


Testing & Quality Leadership Summit

Jaimee Newberry

Independent Consultant
Summit Chair


The future of smart and mobile software drives the need for more collaborative and nimble teams, and bigger ideas that push the boundaries of what “mobile” means. Join in the conversation with your peers as experienced leaders share ways to lead an organization living on the technical edge. Discover how seasoned leaders deal with changes in platform technology, development/testing tools, and agile development methods.

At the 2015 Mobile Dev + Test Innovation and Leadership Summit, summit chair Jaimee Newberry will bring together industry leaders for an interactive exchange of ideas and experiences.

Together we’ll explore the unique challenges facing industry leaders as they transform organizations to innovate and inspire. Hear what’s working—and not working—for them, and share your experiences, concerns, and successes.

The Mobile Dev + Test Innovation and Leadership Summit is a perfect opportunity for you to:

  • Participate in insightful and informative sessions focusing on leadership issues
  • Meet and network with your peers in the industry
  • Join in the “think tank” discussion with industry veterans
  • Develop new ideas and action plans for mobile innovation within your organization

4:30 PM Reception—Innovation Summit Kick-Off Reception (Think Tank Issues Identified for Discussion on Friday)

Jamiee Newberry, Independent Consultant


7:30 AM • Registration and Breakfast


8:30 AM • Welcome - Jaimee Newberry

9:00 AM • Keynote - Thrive in the Mobile Business Revolution
                 Rene Ritchie, iMore


The shift from desktop to mobile, from local to cloud, is the biggest change our industry has ever seen. In less than a decade we've gone from millions of PCs to billions of smart devices. We've made computing mainstream. To survive this change — to thrive during this period of intense disruption — we need to learn not only how to manage it, but how to best take advantage of it in our organizations. In this talk, Rene Ritchie will cover the difference between message and product, and between product and business, and how it can transform your company. He'll also explore the importance of being focused but not myopic, and of matching a simple, sustainable strategy for mobile innovation with the agile, adaptive tactics imperative for success.

Rene Ritchie is editor-in-chief of iMore, an internet publication with over 10 million monthly readers that provides daily news, reviews, features, and how-tos for iPhone, iPad, and Mac owners around the world. He's also co-host of the Debug, Iterate, Vector, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts, has authored several books, and appeared on numerous radio and TV broadcasts discussing Apple and the mobile industry. Based in Montreal, Canada, Rene has a background in design and product marketing, and when not working he likes to cook, grapple, and wrangle photons. Whether it be architecting, developing interfaces, managing production runs, composing articles, writing novels, or imagining new dynamics and ecosystems, his goal is to facilitate new approaches, grounded in tradition but fresh and innovative in their realization.

10:00 AM  Networking Break

10:30 AM • Innovation Think Tank Discussion: Solutions to Top Issues in Roundtables

        Jaimee Newberry, Independent Consultant       

Join with your peers in an engaging and highly interactive session to discuss the issues that affect you most. Using answers to the question—"As a leader, what is keeping you up at night?"—posed at Thursday’s evening reception, participants will form small groups to work on finding solutions to pressing test management issues.

Discussions will review identified issues, barriers to change, and focus on innovative strategies and practical next steps.


Independent consultant Jaimee Newberry provides executive and personal coaching, and shares lessons in empathy, communication, experience design, and technology worldwide. Jaimee moved to GUI design and information architecture in the web start-up days; taught management information systems, graphic design, and interface design at UNLV; partnered in Eatdrink, a boutique animation/interactive shop; and led the efforts behind Zappos’ first iPad, iPhone, and Android apps. As Black Pixel’s director of user experience she worked on top secret iOS projects for Fortune 100 companies and promising startups.

11:45 AM  Networking Lunch Buffet

12:45 AM  Keynote - Design for Humans
                   Dave Wiskus, Q Branch  


Dave Wiskus explores the meaning of design and its impact on our lives, with a tour through the choices that brought the tech industry and software design to where they are today, and where our choices will lead us tomorrow.
Every decision has a genesis, and every decision has an impact. Technology is created to empower people, but it all still starts with people.

Dave Wiskus is the designer at Q Branch, where he works on Vesper alongside John Gruber and Brent Simmons. He’s also the host of Better Elevation, a video series deconstructing and analyzing the creative process, and he produces The Talk Show with John Gruber. He’s designed apps for the NHL and Major League Soccer, along with a host of startups, and led design on Kaleidoscope 2, one of Apple’s Best of 2013 picks for the Mac App Store. Dave has worked with major brands and independent developers, has appeared on numerous popular tech industry podcasts (including his regular spot on Vector), and has been tapped to speak at conferences around the world. His focus is on the ways in which humans connect with technology, and the ways in which we use it to connect with one another.

1:45 PM • Innovation Think Tank Continues

3:15 PM • Wrap up and On-Going Informal Discussion with Speakers and Attendees


In the morning think tank discussion you discovered solutions to some of your most challenging issues. Now each group will present their findings, share their solutions, and learn from each other. At the end of the think tank, all feedback will be collected and posted online to encourage further collaboration.