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Thursday, April 27, 2017 - 2:00pm to 2:45pm

Building a competitive edge with mobile QA at Lyft

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  • Lyft has grown into a multibillion dollar enterprise that is essential to the lives of millions in a short few years by emphasizing the customer experience.
  • In this session, Heather will present the key tenets of building a scalable QA practice to drive growth in a highly competitive space.
  • She will share Lyft’s mobile QA best practices and learnings that enabled her team to deliver a consistently high customer experience.
Heather Daigle

Heather Daigle


Heather has been in the QA industry for over 9 years. She started out as a QA intern at Plaxo while wrapping up her education at the University of California, Berkeley. After graduating, she continued her career in QA at Comcast, eventually becoming a QA manager for 2+ years. After learning a lot about building testability and large scale operations, it was time to go mobile. Since joining Lyft, Heather has continued her efforts on promoting testability and releasing high-quality apps.

Kristel Kruustuk headshot

Kristel Kruustuk


Kristel is the co-founder and CEO of Testlio – an end-to-end QA management platform and community of highly vetted testers that help businesses deliver amazing customer experiences. Clients include Salesforce, Lyft, Microsoft, CBS Interactive, Flipboard and Strava. Kristel began her career as a software tester in 2009, but quickly became frustrated with the shortcomings of traditional QA and crowdsource testing. Testlio was founded to solve these issues. Since launching, the company has raised $8M in funding led by Altos Ventures and Vertex Ventures, hired over 60 employees, and established offices in Tallinn and San Francisco.