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Wednesday, April 20, 2016 - 11:00am to 11:45am

Guerrilla QA: The Mobile of the Internet of All the Things!

There are more than 10 billion devices connected today, and it’s predicted that by decade's end 99 percent of everything manufactured will be connected. And it all flows through the mobile world in some way. As mobile increasingly touches our lives, development teams and testers struggle to keep up with fast-growing technologies. With deep insight into the mobile quality arena, Steven Winter and his team went from zero to more than 3,000 mobile banking apps that are 35 million users can now access—all made possible by innovative mobile test automation, continuous integration, and on-site device testing clouds. Join Steven to explore the challenges, solutions, pitfalls, and opportunities in the rapid, high-quality, and highly-connected mobile world. Take away new ideas and approaches for creating great mobile apps that are faster, more intuitive, and ever more valuable to your organization.

Steven Winter
Guerrilla QA

President and chief strategist at GuerrillaQA, Steven Winter, loves building teams that break big things! With a key focus on mobile, test automation, and startups, Steven has managed quality for America’s leading financial technology services providers including innovative power behind the Starbucks Card Mobile, the Nation's first successful mobile payments solution. With twenty-one years of experience in quality, Steven has tested through technologies from web, firmware, hardware, cameras, phones, desktop, data—and everything in between. He has continually pushed the testing edge and delivered high-performance, world-class QA operations at Broderbund, First Data, Leapfrog, PureDigital/Flip, mFoundry, FIS Mobile, Trizic, and now GuerrillaQA.