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Tuesday, April 21, 2020 - 8:30am to 12:00pm

How to Be a Master Communicator without Saying a Word


We are always communicating, whether we are saying anything or not. Nonverbal communication is not just the “extra” communication that is present when we speak—it’s a communication form in its own right. Being able to observe nonverbal communication, control how we do it, and respond appropriately to others’ nonverbal cues are key skills in being effective at work. You will be able to spot when people are uncomfortable during interactions, when people are engaged, when discourse is about to turn into conflict, who has a strong relationship with whom, and whether you are resonating with the people you’re talking to. Rob Lambert will explore some of the most common nonverbal clues and how we can use them—or stop using them—to be more effective in the workplace. We’ll discuss how nonverbal communication plays a part in meetings, presentations, networking, and interviews. You’ll leave with a wealth of knowledge about how to read body language, project confidence and assertiveness, and use your environments and surroundings to your advantage. You’ll be amazed at how subtle changes in your own body language will impact everything around you!


Cultivated Management

Rob Lambert is on a mission to make management more interesting, rewarding, and fun. It's an uphill struggle. Rob started his career as a software tester, became an engineering manager, and then made the logical move sideways to HR, before setting up his own management consulting company. When he's not talking all things management, he writes books, help parents remain employable, takes photos of cars, explores the English countryside with his family, and writes TV and film scripts. You can find Rob at www.cultivatedmanagement.com and on Twitter @rob_lambert.