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Tuesday, April 21, 2020 - 8:30am to 4:30pm

Getting Hands-on with Agile Technical Exploratory Testing


Have you ever worried you’re not going deep enough with your testing because you are working from stories and acceptance criteria? Do you want to learn and practice testing and exploring web applications from a technology perspective? This workshop will help. By working with applications, browser-based games, and APIs that are specifically designed for testing, we will learn how to incorporate technical exploratory testing into our agile processes. You'll get hands-on experience with tooling to help work with web applications, such as HTTP proxies, dev tools, and API GUIs. Learn how to take notes and document your testing within the context of agile project management, understand technical risk, and go beyond the acceptance criteria. Bring a laptop and prepare to get hands-on with exploratory testing in agile.


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Alan Richardson is a software development and test consultant who helps teams improve their approach to agile development. Alan is the author of four books and several online training courses, as well as the programmer of the digital marketing tool Chatterscan.com and various other testing support and training applications. Alan blogs at EvilTester.com, and you can find him on most social networks as @EvilTester.