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Thursday, April 23, 2020 - 2:45pm to 4:15pm

Seamless Performance Acceptability Activities in Agile

An agile team’s task is to consistently deliver performant applications. But an additional goal should be to seamlessly embed valuable, performance-related activities into software development without disrupting, complicating, or extending the flow and efficiency of the overall lifecycle or the individual sprint. This talk won’t be theoretical, philosophical, or prescriptive; it will be a practical discussion. Scott Barber will share the most poignant, surprising, and enlightening stories he’s encountered from agile teams concerning their journeys from predominantly out-of-sprint load testing to continuous, in-sprint, self-service evaluations of performance acceptability. We’ll discuss the activities and practices teams found valuable and effective, as well as those they found to be promising but ultimately fruitless, challenging but worth it, and even just plain dysfunctional. Come prepared to discuss the contextual effectiveness, simplicity, and intuitiveness of agile activities and practices.


Scott Barber
PerfTestPlus, Inc.

Chief performance evangelist, Scott Barber is a respected leader in the advancement of software testing practices, an industry activist, and load testing celebrity of sorts. Scott authored several books―Performance Testing Guidance for Web Applications, Beautiful Testing, How to Reduce the Cost of Testing, and Web Load Testing for Dummies―and more than 100 articles and blog posts. Founder/president of PerfTestPlus, Scott co-founded the WOPR, served as director of the AST and CMG, and is a founding member of ISST. His industry writing, speaking, and activism focus on improving the effectiveness and business alignment of software development practices. Learn more about Scott Barber.