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Thursday, April 23, 2020 - 2:45pm to 3:15pm

Practicing Exploration

Have you ever overcooked peanut butter and jelly? Ever put too much antacid in your chili? Have you ever tried to do either? Certainty and experimentation rarely go hand in hand, but it is possible to do both. As software professionals, we're required to experiment and explore. When we don't, our products end up shallow and uninteresting. We must sink into the depths of what's scary and uncertain in order to resurface with winning ideas that are just what our customers need. Adam Cuppy will explore bridging the gap between certainty and experimentation, and how that can relate back to how we do our work as software engineers.


Adam Cuppy

Adam Cuppy is a partner and the chief operating officer of the Ruby on Rails, Node.js, and AngularJS consultancy Zeal. Since 2007, Adam and his partners have been deeply involved in open source web technologies that support rapid development, enterprise-class scalability, and community-driven security.