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Wednesday, April 22, 2020 - 11:00am to 11:30am

Planning Release Dates in an Agile World (continued)

The agile team is in place, the list of sized features are in the backlog, bug fixes are defined, and the release begins. But now the client and the rest of the business want a release date—and they want the release delivered on that date! How can you commit to a fixed date within an agile environment? Karen Holliday will guide you through planning an agile release. She’ll discuss the Agile Triangle and how you can benefit from using different planning techniques, walking you through her favorite two approaches: fixed-date and fixed-scope. You’ll get to practice using agile methodologies and tools; commiserate, share, and learn with your fellow agile planners; and walk away with new insights for your next project.



Karen Holiday is a motivated leader with a track record of developing both new and existing products through strategy and execution. Throughout her twenty-five-year career, she's had experience leading small, focused companies as well as large, complex, multi-function organizations in development, QA, services, and support. Karen is passionate about unraveling complexity to solve quality issues.