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Thursday, April 23, 2020 - 10:00am to 10:30am

5 Patterns of Effective Communication in Agile Teams

The way we communicate is the single most important skill set employers look for when hiring. It has a significant impact on cost, productivity, team morale, and employee retention; in fact, a study conducted by The Economist shows that problems in communication often delay project completion, lead to low morale and missed goals, and can result in a loss of sales. With that in mind, it becomes all the more important to identify gaps in communication when working with agile teams that have different roles, such as project managers, developers, testers, business analysts, ScrumMasters, and architects. Each role has different responsibilities, and these individuals develop their own mental models and patterns of communication. Raj Subrameyer will discuss five patterns of effective communication that will help any team improve productivity, morale, and job satisfaction. He’ll share real-life experiences in helping teams collaborate better and work as a single unit. You’ll learn the common problems in communication within agile teams and how to take corrective measures quickly, how to use both verbal and non-verbal communication seamlessly, and useful techniques to become an effective communicator.


Raj Subrameyer
ChaiLatte Consulting

Raj Subrameyer is an international keynote speaker, writer and tech career coach who helps people step into the leadership role of their dreams through his services and speeches. He is helping countless people to discover their zone of genius and leverage it to live the life that they love. On top of that, he is helping tools and services companies build brand awareness through content creation and thought leadership. In his spare time, he loves traveling with his family and discovering new experiences which includes craft beer. You can connect with him on Twitter @epsilon11 or his website www.rajsubra.com.