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Wednesday, April 22, 2020 - 4:00pm to 4:30pm

Great Idea Going Nowhere Fast? Test and Learn to the Rescue!

You have a great idea and want to try something that you think will make life better—for you, your team, your family, or your customers. Maybe it’s a new framework or tool that you are so excited to bring back to your boss. Maybe it’s a different way to think about your team structure. Maybe you have a great idea of how to improve the customer experience for your most loyal customers. But then your idea is shot down by your boss, team, or coworkers—not because it isn’t a great idea, but because they don’t know for sure it will work. What’s the ROI? What if it fails? What will we do then? How much work will it be to implement? The barrier to change is just too high. This is where testing and learning comes into the picture. The lean “Build-Measure-Learn” framework, made popular by Eric Ries and the Lean Startup movement, can be applied to practically any scenario where you believe you can drive a better outcome tomorrow than you are today. Learn how to frame the problem you are trying to solve, prove (or disprove) there is a better way by building your hypothesis muscles, and use a test-and-learn approach to try out your idea in real life. The result will be actual data you can use to convince the powers that be that the juice is worth the squeeze.


Peerless Partners

Cindy's passion is helping companies solve complex challenges at the confluence of operational effectiveness, change management, and organizational transformation. Cindy specializes in digital transformation, organizational agility (both big and small A), and increasing employee engagement. Cindy helps companies solve complex, unstructured problems, co-creates solutions, and works side by side with leaders and makers to bring solutions and changes to life. She works with organizations on discovery and root-cause analysis (what is really going to be a long-term solution and move the needle for the company?) through change implementation and determining if change is working as designed. Cindy coaches leaders, teams, and individuals through the journey, so “change” becomes the way we work.