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Wednesday, April 22, 2020 - 4:00pm to 4:30pm

Going Beyond the Story: Navigating Your Truth to Success

As leaders, we’re encouraged to fake it until we make it. But we’re also pressured to show our authentic selves. No wonder we get lost in the story we’re trying to tell. Our story, or the perception of it, impacts so much more than our resume, LinkedIn profile, or company bio. It impacts how we lead, how others relate to us, how our teams operate, and how our career evolves. Join Lia James in an exploration of what it means to be an agile leader. Learn how to live your story—for real—to transcend your leadership style from good to agile. These tips are known to improve career trajectory, professional outcomes, life fulfillment, and interpersonal relationships, so get ready to live your truth and discover authentic success.


Orenda Agency

Lia James is a leadership coach and learning and development consultant helping executives improve hiring strategies and skills development training to build more inclusive and productive teams. Through her extensive background in people development and personal branding, Lia helps professionals fine-tune their brands through storytelling and goal aligning to improve leadership quality, communication, and team dynamics.