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Wednesday, April 22, 2020 - 11:00am to 11:30am

Building Compassionate Teams: A Sustainable Path to Scalability

Growing pains on a team are a real thing. How do you hire the right person? Once hired, how do you train them? How do you keep them aligned, not just on the product, but also on team values? How do you build trust within the team? How do you encourage autonomy and engagement? All of this takes time and money, but you need to try to show value early on and get buy-in from management and the executives. Join Archana Rajan as she takes you on her journey of scaling her team from one to 20 people over the course of five years, all while reducing risk, increasing quality, and encouraging teamwork. She’ll talk about the choices she made, detailing what worked and what didn't. This talk is for you if you are part of a growing team in any capacity, not just as a lead or manager. Discover the immense power of hiring based on team values.





Archana Rajan has been advocating for and improving software quality since 2008 and is currently the Director of Quality at Financeit. She believes that every project should start from a place of curiosity and has found her fit in a role that allows her to question relentlessly. Archana's distaste for complacency and refusal to accept the status quo led her to build autonomous, agile teams that are able to work in any team structure, and tackle complex products and problems under tight deadlines. Her approach has resulted in high efficiency teams with low turnover. When she isn't working, she is exploring the city (and the world) and continuously being surprised by what it has to offer.