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Thursday, April 23, 2020 - 10:00am to 12:15pm

The Art of Agile Testing Leadership: Finding Your Path

Testing leadership is evolving with agile and DevOps. The key to helping your teams transform and be successful in this new world is to know what skills you need to be effective—and, in turn, help your team navigate change. Jennifer Bonine will give you a toolkit for agile leadership so you can explore your level of acceptance of change, how adaptive you are, and strategies to help others adapt to change. She will provide exercises that enable you to discover your leadership style and understand your blind spots as a leader. During hands-on activities, explore with other participants how to influence and promote ideas and change, as well as how to inspire others to follow and invest in your ideas. You’ll learn how to partner across cross-functional teams and geographies and what metrics you should be measuring against as you adopt agile development methodologies and move away from a traditional SDLC. Leave with ideas of what will work for you and your organization, and with tools to ensure that you are an agile leader your teams will want to follow.


Jennifer Bonine
PinkLion AI

Jennifer Bonine is a well-known speaker, teacher, and trainer and has given keynote presentations at numerous testing, agile, and development conferences, both nationally and internationally. Jennifer’s belief is that we should do what we are passionate about, and to this end, she cofounded and is the CEO of Pink Lion AI, a breakout company that brings AI to the world’s app teams and delivers AI integration with a human engagement model while educating teams on solving challenges with an AI-first strategy. Jennifer is the first female AI testing tech CEO and is currently collaborating in the entertainment, gaming, media, and professional sports industries with Test.AI. As Test.AI’s partner, PinkLion is using AI to solve testing challenges that have been unsolvable with more traditional automation testing. Jennifer has held executive-level positions leading development and quality engineering teams for Fortune 100 companies in several industries. In a recent engagement, she served as a strategy executive and in corporate marketing for the C-suite.