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Wednesday, April 22, 2020 - 3:00pm to 3:30pm

The Agile Playbook: A Catalyst for Real Agile Culture Change (continued)

Are your teams looking to improve and evolve your agile practices but struggling to convince your leaders of what or why you need to change? Or perhaps your leaders decided to embark on a “transformation” to implement agile, but folks on the ground don’t know what that really means or how their daily work changes. It’s the Agile Playbook to the rescue! This simple yet incredibly powerful tool allows you to translate theory into everyday practices that are tailored to the realities of your organization. It captures how you intend to make decisions and prioritize your limited resources, the value you intend to add to the broader organization, and the agile culture you aspire to build. In this workshop, you’ll learn to build your own Playbook statements, practice facilitating Playbook alignment sessions, and develop a plan for how to bring the Playbook to life in your organization. You’ll discover ways you can use the Agile Playbook as a rallying vehicle across your organization, from engaging teams in building your culture, to facilitating decision-making, to onboarding new team members. Get everyone in your organization rowing in the same direction!


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Cindy's passion is helping companies solve complex challenges at the confluence of operational effectiveness, change management, and organizational transformation. Cindy specializes in digital transformation, organizational agility (both big and small A), and increasing employee engagement. Cindy helps companies solve complex, unstructured problems, co-creates solutions, and works side by side with leaders and makers to bring solutions and changes to life. She works with organizations on discovery and root-cause analysis (what is really going to be a long-term solution and move the needle for the company?) through change implementation and determining if change is working as designed. Cindy coaches leaders, teams, and individuals through the journey, so “change” becomes the way we work.

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Janel has built, managed, and evolved over 20 product organizations. She does this by serving as a product coach helping executives, product managers, and cross-functional teams adopt user-centered, hypothesis-driven product development practices. She works with companies of all sizes on integrating user research and testing, experimentation and innovation, and the right level of analytics into the product development process, resulting in better product decisions that solve real customer problems and drive measurable business outcomes. She does this with an eye on balancing enough rigor and maturity with motivating people to have a "run" mentality.