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Wednesday, June 10, 2015 - 4:15pm - 5:15pm
DevOps & The Cloud

Overcome DevOps Adoption Barriers to Accelerate Software Delivery Prior Year Content

Many organizations want to create systems delivered in a DevOps framework with diverse services implemented via API building blocks. Chris Haddad says that people, processes, and tools often hinder a team's ability to comply with security policies, streamline collaboration, and rapidly deliver business value. Chris recommends moving design, development, and continuous delivery into a cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) environment. PaaS helps organizations and teams more readily adopt DevOps practices, integrate governance compliance frameworks, and follow agile methodologies with distributed teams. Find out how to change your software culture by employing an environment and tooling that promote collaboration, rapid iterations, and painless compliance. Chris describes the tools you need and a step-by-step approach for developing robust and secure software within a DevOps framework. Discover how merging DevOps activities, polyglot PaaS capabilities, and governance practices overcome organizational barriers, create better software, and accelerate software delivery.

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Chris Haddad
Chris Haddad, WSO2

A Cloud-y PaaS and SaaS architect since the turn of the century, Chris Haddad is an Apache Stratos and Cloud architecture aficionado who has worked with clients to deploy innovative ecosystem PaaS environments. Chris has led many successful startup software teams who operated as the solution provider of choice. He has advised Fortune 500/Global 2000 organizations on cloud native software strategies, roadmaps, and best practices. Chris is an accomplished author and speaker whose goal is to make you and your team successful.

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