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Chris Riley

Chris Riley
Sauce Labs

A well-known DevOps expert, Chris Riley has spent twelve years helping organizations transition from traditional development practices to a more modern set of culture, processes, and tooling to increase software release frequency and quality. Founder and DevOps analyst at Fixate IO, he was most recently a GigaOM research analyst. He is a frequent O’Reilly author, regular speaker at various industry conferences worldwide, and subject matter expert in DevOps strategy and culture. Throughout Chris’ career he has combined the roles of marketing, product management, and engineering to gain a unique perspective of how to solve real-world problems with technology. Follow Chris on Twitter @HoardingInfo.

Speaker Presentations
Wednesday, November 11, 2015 - 4:15pm
Using DevOps
Continuous Integration Is for Everyone—Especially DevOps

Continuous delivery and deployment are taking center stage in the DevOps conversations. Neither continuous delivery nor deployment are easy to jump into, and both make a lot of assumptions about the applications being released. Continuous integration (CI), however, is for everyone who wants higher development velocity and better quality. CI can be implemented in development shops from brand new to large enterprise teams. When implemented, CI helps the organization take a giant leap into modern development. With the ever-growing expectation for DevOps teams to produce faster, high-quality software releases, continuous testing—a key CI driver—must occur at all stages of the software delivery chain. Chris Riley covers the important tenets of CI metrics, key CI components, testing, infrastructure, and end-to-end testing. Learn how CI can fit into all development shops, and take back strategies for tackling the challenges of a new system including change control, management, and sustainability.