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Anders Wallgren

Anders Wallgren
Electric Cloud

Anders Wallgren is chief technology officer of Electric Cloud. Anders brings with him more than twenty-five years of in-depth experience designing and building commercial software. Prior to joining Electric Cloud, Anders held executive positions at Aceva, Archistra, and Impresse. He held management positions at Macromedia, Common Ground Software, and Verity where he played critical technical leadership roles in delivering award winning technologies such as Macromedia’s Director 7 and various Shockwave products.

Speaker Presentations
Thursday, November 12, 2015 - 10:00am
Evolving DevOps
Evolve Your Development Practices: Agile to DevOps to Continuous Delivery

Many organizations have successfully implemented agile methodologies to speed up software delivery. Agile, which started in the development organization, has gradually expanded into other areas downstream—IT and operations. Anders Wallgren describes how software organizations have streamlined processes, improved feedback loops, and driven a much faster pace into IT departments, bringing profound effects to the entire organization. Building on this success, DevOps and continuous delivery (CD) have emerged to help connect development with IT operations to support and amplify agility, responsiveness, and faster time to market. Learn how to embrace DevOps and CD in a manner that aligns with existing agile practices and uses automation to streamline the software delivery process. If you’re in the middle of a DevOps transformation or just starting the process, you will benefit from the tips Anders shares for assessing the current state of delivery success and the incremental steps he offers for gaining cooperation and collaboration when development and IT operations come together.