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Agile Test Automation

Concurrent Sessions

DW1 DevOps @Scale: Overcome Enterprise Adoption Challenges
Bob Aiello, CM Best Practices Consulting
Wed, 11/11/2015 - 11:30am

Many companies are adopting DevOps practices to improve their application build, package, and deployment processes. DevOps requires that teams implement practices such as testing in production-like environments early in the process, using the same automated procedures to deploy in all environments, and getting Ops involved from the beginning of development. Bob Aiello acknowledges that individual teams are achieving success, but implementing DevOps across the enterprise has been far more difficult. Improving communications and collaborations between development, operations, and other key organizational units is a challenging endeavor. Many large firms, including banks and financial services firms, must maintain existing organizational structures for regulatory and audit compliance while focusing on eliminating siloed behavior that leads to mistakes and systems outages. DevOps @Scale requires that you assess existing best practices and create a plan for improving your existing process. Bob presents strategies for implementing DevOps across the enterprise to achieve reliable and secure systems that can be updated as often as necessary.

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DT4 Rethinking Test Automation in a DevOps Era
Kalyana Konda, Gallop Solutions
Thu, 11/12/2015 - 3:00pm

Adoption of DevOps enables rapid build and release cycles in a continuous delivery environment. Kalyana Konda shares insights about how test teams can contribute to delivering high-quality applications by becoming an upstream quality co-creator rather than a downstream quality validator, thus implementing a continuous feedback loop to respond to customer needs and concerns. Kalyana discusses how to create a DevOps-friendly test automation strategy to ensure you overcome bottlenecks and reap the benefits of a successful DevOps implementation. This means using test automation extensively for quick, thorough, and frequent validation of changes to the application. He explores why and how to include the rapid provisioning/tearing down of test environments in the cloud, integrate automated test scripts with build management systems, and build enterprise test automation frameworks. Learn ways to report test results that verify quality aspects of the application throughout the lifecycle. Take back new automation approaches that drive multiple types of tests using different test tools and programming languages with centralized test initiation.

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