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Wednesday, November 11, 2015 - 8:30am - 9:45am

The Care and Feeding of Feedback Cycles Prior Year Content

Nothing interrupts the continuous flow of value like bad surprises that require immediate attention—major defects, service outages, support escalations, and even scrapping capabilities that don’t actually meet business needs. We already know that the sooner we discover a problem, the sooner and more smoothly we can remedy it. Elisabeth Hendrickson says that feedback comes in many forms, only some of which are traditionally considered testing. Continuous integration, acceptance testing, and cohort analysis to validate business hypotheses are all examples of important feedback cycles. Elisabeth examines the many forms of feedback, the questions each can answer, and the risks each can mitigate. She takes a fresh look at the churn and disruption created by having high feedback latency. Elisabeth considers how addressing bugs that are not detracting from business value can distract us from addressing real risks. Along the way, Elisabeth details fundamental principles that you can apply immediately to keep your feedback cycles healthy and happy.

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Elisabeth Hendrickson

Elisabeth Hendrickson, better known as testobsessed, has been kicking around the software industry for a couple of decades in a variety of roles including tester, developer, and agile enabler. Author of Explore It!, Elisabeth is known for her Google Tech Talk on agile testing and popular test heuristics Cheatsheet. In 2010 she won the prestigious Gordon Pask Award from the Agile Alliance. After more than a decade as an independent consultant, in 2012 Elisabeth joined Pivotal, the company where she first learned extreme programming. She is now a senior director of engineering.

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