Better Software West 2018 Leadership Summit Session: For Lasting Change, Take an Agile Approach to Your Agile Transformation!

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Friday, June 8, 2018 - 1:45pm to 2:45pm

For Lasting Change, Take an Agile Approach to Your Agile Transformation!

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One of the most difficult challenges faced by an organization entering a large-scale, enterprise transformation is how to achieve lasting change. Oftentimes, leadership will charter an Agile Center of Excellence (COE) in the hopes that training, coaching and publication of best practices will bring the desired change. While these actions typically generate excitement and build early momentum, by themselves they will not change the “DNA” (aka, mindset) of the enterprise. To avoid long-term atrophy of agile benefits, it is critical to charter a COE that is deeply in-tune with the enterprise and able to quickly pivot to meet demand. You need an agile, agile COE.

Join David McMunn and Dan Craig as they discuss their three-year journey driving the Fannie Mae agile transformation. They will review the early days of the transformation (agile pilots, scaling and formation of the COE) and then highlight the critical “tipping points” where the COE had to significantly pivot with regard to focus and services provided. While no two transformations are ever the same, this talk is sure to provide food for thought and give solid examples of an agile approach to an agile transformation.

David McMunn
Fannie Mae

David McMunn is an executive experienced in leading organizations through large-scale business improvement transformations, as well as, delivering complex programs in large organizations, demonstrating particular aptitude in reconciling perspectives across multiple stakeholders, as well as leveraging a pragmatic approach to facilitating organizational change. In his current role as the Director of the Agile Center of Excellence for Fannie Mae, Dave has led the organizational transformation to agile over the last three years which has changed how Fannie Mae develops and deploys software. Additionally, he helped to enable the corporate ecosystem, by adapting governance, hiring, budgeting, facilities and planning, to support the organizational transformation.

Dan Craig
Fannie Mae

Dan Craig is an agile practitioner with over 20 years of experience directing business and technical project teams in structured corporate and dynamic start-up environments. As a business leader, Dan possesses deep experience in all dimensions of building and maintaining a professional services business. As a technology leader, he has a proven track record of strategic planning and tactical execution of large-scale agile and DevOps transformations in both the public and private sectors. Past transformations include a diverse group including Fannie Mae, the US Defense Department (DoD), and the Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).